Joel Cladouhos

Building the Alaska ‘Blue Economy’

Alaska’s blue economy leadership potential is tremendous; we maintain over half the nation’s coastline and a third of the U.S. exclusive economic zone with access to vast natural resources.

The blue economy vision is that by 2040 Alaska would grow by 50,000 jobs and $3 billion in wages, approximately equal to the oil and gas industry today. Alaska’s blue economy includes existing traditional sectors such as fisheries, coastal tourism and oil and gas, as well as additional “new” blue economy sectors such as ocean technology, renewable energy and marine biotechnology.

Startup Week 2017: Alaska Ocean Cluster Initiative

With the highest unemployment rate in the country, four consecutive years of declining Gross Domestic Product, and a downgraded credit rating, Alaska’s economy is clearly in trouble.

Ocean Tuesday is the first step toward a solution — a long-term transition from a simple raw material exporter to a dynamic economy based on the sustainable development of the oceans. Ocean Tuesday is statewide collaboration of entrepreneurs and innovators with a common goal of capturing value from Alaska’s vast ocean resources.

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